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Datil peppers have been a part of the family legacy for … DATIL PEPPER JELLY. The jelly can be enjoyed in multiple ways, as an ice cream topper, added to cream cheese for a dip with a kick and as a baste to meats or seafood. Bring to boil and simmer 2-3 minutes. Prep Time 10 mins. All rights reserved. There are many stories which attempt to explain its origins, but whatever they are, this uniquely American pepper is truly a Southern staple. Stored pepper jelly in a cool, dark space such as a pantry will have an 18 month to 2 year shelf life. So, one cold and rainy Saturday morning, on a whim I made my first batch. Cookbooks are great for Cool slightly then pour into jelly jars. Dat'l Do-It, Inc. 1750 Tree Blvd. We wanted to do something other than another datil sauce. © Minorcan Datil. They reach up to 300,000 Scoville Heat Units. Datil pepper jelly 3 cups finely chopped peppers ( I’ve used straight datils which is VERY HOT, but you can also use use a mixture of about ½ yellow bell peppers, and ½ datil peppers. The Datil Pepper along with our special ingredients, you are sure to find something special for … Ingredients: 6 (certo .. ground .. sugar .. vinegar ...) 3. Datil Peppers are hot peppers but have a sweeter, fruiter flavor. Another story is that the pepper was brought from Cuba. Datil Peppers are hot peppers but have a sweeter, fruiter flavor. Learn about one of St. Augustine's unique menu items! The owner who makes this pepper jelly doesn’t like hot foods! My datil pepper really has me working overtime. In addition to sauce, we had many requests to produce Datil Pepper Jelly as well. Spoon some over cream cheese and serve with crackers. In addition, you can read more about the characteristics and flavor of this pepper click here. Rinse blender bowl with remaining vinegar and place in saucepan. Just add some Datil Yum Jelly before you take your protein off the grill or out of the oven. Blend until completely liquefied. We'll help you start your own personal cookbook! Please contact us if you believe copyright violations have occurred. Search for more great recipes here from Some say the pepper was brought to Florida by Minorcan migrants in the 18th century. The datil pepper is a fiery chili produced mainly in St. Augustine, Florida. For generations Minorcan Mike’s family has been cooking with datil peppers and making sauces. In terms of our jalapeño reference point, the datil at its mildest is at least 12 times hotter than a jalapeño , but it can range up to 120 times hotter. I\\\'ve been making Mango Datil Jam, Raspberry Datil Jam, Datil Pepper Salsa, Datil Pepper Sauce and today we have Datil BBQ Sauce. The local family-owned pepper sauce company creates datil pepper products including sauce, jelly, salsa and vinegar. We take pride in our products and our goal is to provide a product that tastes good as well as making people smile. We use this recipe as our signature wing sauce. The name is derived from the Spanish for "date," another type of fruit. © 2004-2020 Family Cookbook Project, LLC. Highly requested. Should make twelve 1/2 pint jars. Remove seeds from bell pepper and grind peppers in food processor. over 1,500,000 in our family cookbooks! All of our products are made with Datil Pepper which is native to St. Augustine FL that gives our products there unique taste and flavor that sets them apart from all the others. google_ad_width = 160; /* Cookbook Skyscraper */ Jul 19, 2020 - Explore Ed Bowman's board "datil pepper" on Pinterest. Mad John's Food, LLC introduces "Old Florida Style" brand. St. Augustine - Datil Pepper Jelly (Jalea de Pimiento de Datil) Datil Pepper Jelly is a St. Augustine "original." Many myths attempt to explain the origin of the Datil Pepper: some suggest the peppers were brought to St. Augustine by indentured workers from Menorca in the late 18th century, others posit that they were … All Rights Reserved. Three different stories exist about the arrival of the Datil in St. Augustine. Surprise them with our custom made gift baskets, including Datil Pepper Jelly, vinegar and other surprises. Holiday Gifts, Wedding Gifts, Here's to good eating! If you have additional, creative ideas for using Datil Pepper Jelly, please let us know, we welcome your ideas. google_ad_client = "ca-pub-5165746306112379"; Baste pork, chicken, beef or lamb when grilling, or … I've been making Mango Datil Jam, Raspberry Datil Jam, Datil Pepper Salsa, Datil Pepper Sauce and today we have Datil BBQ Sauce. This is thinner than the stuff you buy in the grocery store. Ingredients. Datil pepper hot sauce is spicy, sweet, savory and smoky all at the same time. Bridal Shower ideas and Introduced there by Minorcans from the Balearic Isles off Spain, the concoction makes a fiery meat garnish. A datil pepper is a fruit of the genus Capsicum, which also includes bell peppers, jalapenos, habaneros and all other fruits known as peppers.The datil in unique because it is extremely hot, similar to a habanero, but also sweet and fruity. When combined with other ingredients to produce jelly, the flavor is yummy. We are a new/small, family owned business that specializes in creating delicious datil pepper jelly and sauce. Superb flavor! See more ideas about datil, datil pepper, stuffed peppers. The datil pepper festival is quickly approaching, and many of us are digging songs like \"Hot in Herre\" and \"Drop It Like It's Hot\" and \"This is Why I'm Hot\" out of the depths of our iTunes libraries becausehow could we not? your own personal family cookbook right now! Click here to start your own cookbook! A tomato based sauce that originated in Saint Augustine Florida. Want to find a unique gift for the person who has everything? Welcome to our Datil Yum Website. Minorca is a Mediterranean island off the coast of Spain. google_ad_slot = "4156777732"; We have gift baskets for every season too. (Co-produced with Katie Garwood) Rub a good amount on pork, chicken, beef or lamb before baking and savor the taste. It is St. Augustine, Florida's beloved local treasure and has been spicing up Florida cuisine since the 1820's. If you need a bit … Minorcan Mike's Datil Pepper Jelly (8 fl oz) - Step aside red peppers! *Recipes and photos entered into the Family Cookbook Project are provided by the submitting contributors. Place sugar into med saucepan, add datil/vinegar mixture. Unlike other datil pepper hot sauces and products, Minorcan Mike uses only datil peppers to create the unique flavor found in his sauce, salsa, jelly and vinegar. Refer to the website for a video on making a pepper “mash” this method will allow you to have Datil peppers all year long ready for your salsa or other recipes. Minorcan Mike’s Datil Pepper Jelly is the absolute best jelly to spread over cream cheese and serve with crackers. Cook Time 25 mins. If you like this recipe, check out: Pickled Hot Serrano Peppers; Fire and Ice Pickles; Homemade Jalapeno Salt; Fresh Hot Jalapeño and Garlic Relish Family Reunions! //-->. The pods are smallish and yellow-orange when mature. DATIL PEPPER JELLY. I am Kenny Stipe and my wife’s name is Deanie…together we are DeaKen Datil. Ranging from 100,000 to 300,000 Scoville heat units, the datil pepper is pretty much on par with the more infamous habanero and scotch bonnet peppers. USES: The Datil is similar in heat to the Habanero.