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I really, REALLY can't wait to get started! nce you’re done cleaning, make sure they’re dry and go ahead and remove all the drawers and doors. Hi wow your bathroom came out beautiful. Now to tackle my dining table, rocking chair, and whatever else my fiance will let me finish!! LOVE IT! Not only does the hardness effect how a wood will accept stain (harder woods tend to accept stains better and more evenly) but also the natural color of the wood. lol. mullican lincolnshire sculpted hickory espresso 5 engineered mullican lincolnshire sculpted hickory espresso 5 engineered hardwood flooring via floorstoyourhome.com. Get it as soon as Wed, Dec 16. Thanks for this post! Glad to know the streaks and uneven-ness are part of the process. Greatly appreciated and will be pinned/recommended. :)Thanks everyone for the awesome, sweet comments! Your blog gives me hope. Delaney. I will try this in my kitchen once I am moved in . Thank you for this! Your cabinets look fabulous! Drying time is so important, do not rush this step or you will end up having to put on a billion coats of stain and it will not be good. I found this on pinterest and am super excited to try it!! Is it showing wear & tear near the handles? I have been ready to do something to my kitchen and this is something I can afford. People like me NEED people like you. Thanks for taking the time to put this out there with such easy to follow instructions! To refresh woodwork you use a color as close as possible to your current color … this is not a re-do, but a refresh, and you'd be amazed at how 60 year old, or 40 year old or 30 year old woodwork can come to life after being wiped with this magical gel stain! I just purchased a medicine cabinet at Lowes in a color called Java but it's a dark mahogany-like brown, not black. Then check how different espresso stain on red oak wood looks, and how different walnut wood with red mahogany stain looks. Light, thin coats + ample drying time + topcoat= fantastic results. Aug 31, 2014 - Minwax has the perfect wood stain color for every project. Cannot wait! I'm so glad I found this tutorial!!! I found this on pinterest and have you in my blog folder so I can follow you. Minwax Classic Gray. Did you find the stain anywhere? and love my kitchen more than I thought would ever be possible. I used a size that was too small for me and put a sock over that, and it was perfect because you could actually feel what you were doing and use your fingertips to get into tight spots. Action Potential. Minwax has the perfect wood stain colour for every project. Chelsea. I used this tutorial to stain my dining room table and am so happy with the results. . -Parts of my vanity were laminate and not wood. I was going to paint my cabinets, but decided to Google Search staining them…your blog came up. I used the same process on my "unfinished" wood door – and it worked great! I would love to stain it darker. Love how they came out, really appreciate all the tips you included! You on the other hand are very precise and very detailed to a "T" – you list everything you used and where you purchased it etc etc and you respond to comment. They look great, just waiting for the drying time so I can put on the poly. Hubs and I are looking forward to trying this in our outdated bathroom come spring!! Uncategorized, Hi there! The angled sanding block helps when if you have beveled cabinets/doors/drawers. Thank you, thank you!! Pinterest *rocks*!! So awesome, that I used the wonderful result as inspiration to start my own DIY blog (though mine chronicles my misadventures of a Not-So-Handy DIYer) Thank you so much!http://diymisadventures.blogspot.com/2012/10/bathroom-vanity-oakness-makeover.html. -You can do this! I am breathing more easily already.Thank you Thank you Thank you. I plan to do this on all my bathroom vanities – if it works well, maybe the kitchen, too! Same stain and all! WOW! Cant wait to start on the kitchen. Thanks again! I will link back when I do! I'm moving to a new place in a little over a month *yay* and something definitely needs to be done to the kitchen cabinets! I am so inspired, I am heading out to buy the stuff right now!! I've been wanting to do this to my coffee table but been totally uncertain of how to go about it. Interior stain, ideal for floors. Awesome! It turned out AMAZING! I LOVE this. I totally agree that waiting is the hardest part, but it's totally also the most important for drool worthy "after" photos. Great tutorial. Found you from Pinterest). Thank you for your blog, You have given alot of people the courage and inspiration to do this. Thanks for the tutorial and I love your results!! I LOVE this idea! I linked back from my project to yours! And how easy is it to touch up spots when the boys take tools to the sides? Oh yeah, and I'll be going back for the java color next weekend to start swapping out my orangish gold colored kitchen and bathroom cabinets. If you want a lighter colour the Varathane would work fine. Thanks again! Exactly what I will be doing in two weeks! But no more! Espresso Classic Wood Interior Stain (2-Pack) provides a rich natural color that beautifully enhances the wood grain. Wood stain recoats in 2 hours and covers 150 sq. Name Email Required. The hardest part is having patience! Wow this is exactly what I was looking for. Will definitely use your tutorial! I've been lurking around your blog for a while now and I finally did it! Also, wood color varies, so it’s much better to test it on several pieces – some lighter, some darker to get a true picture of how the stain will look (vs. a small chip that is on fake wood) ... – Ebony for a deep espresso stylish and dramatic look. Weathered Oak 270; Vintage Blue 288; Gunstock 231; English Chestnut 233; Early American 230; Provincial 211; Aged Barrel … Smoky Mirror on Red Oak. Totally inspired by your diy project that I decided to do mine! Love this, thanks so much for posting! I want to go dark but not black. Thanks so much for this tutorial & for the FAQ page, too! Deep breath….and…go. Any thoughts on this woul be much appreciated!! I used painters tape for walls/counters/inside of cabinets and I used masking tape to tape my paper down onto the floor. It's turning out great so far. By working on some that is already in the garbage heap I can test the possibilities. It is quite easy. You can choose from many different colors to stain red oak. Mix the stain until it looks like melted chocolate. Could I put oil rubbed bronze pulls on the dark cabinets/drawers? Probably took almost as much time as the project itself. Just want to say thanks so much for this blog! It all comes down to undertone. Thanks for sharing! !Getting ready to redo our bathroom and this is a perfect idea.Tutorial was great and easy to follow. Thanks!!! I used the JAVA gel stain and I used a men's sock for everything- no paintbrush strokes for me…they drive me nuts.Happy staining!-Monica. Was planning on painting bathroom cabinets but going to use your method now! I hope to try this soon! Thank you, Thank You, Thank you!!!! Stain, finishes, age and exposure to light accentuate those differences. off the cabinets. Thank you for giving me the courage to do something I wouldn't have ordinarily tried. Thank you, you are so my people. Second, kitchens are a huge undertaking, and we all know that is where the ghosts of dinners past (read "grease") live. But not sure of the color will it look like espresso blackish color or more like a rich chocolate brown? I went with Georgian Cherry stain. Thank you from the bottom of my essentially Scottish heart!! First coat drying in our kids bathroom…then moving on to ours…then the kitchen….then our railings we have a lot of honey oak! Here I am again in 2017 going back to your post to make sure I have the right drying times! I used the EF espresso stain for my media cabinet and bookcase … I was just wondering if doing your bathroom again would you do this method or use the rustoleum kit. -Don’t over think this project. Espresso Stain on Oak. I Love Love Love this stain, just finished my bathroom vanity last weekend, I had painted this vanity some time back and had just about decided to rip it out and buy a new one, my neighbor told me about this stain and decided I didn't have anything to lose…so I went right over the painted cabinet and it now looks beautiful! thank you. Aug 5, 2015 - Dark Walnut Stain On Oak | REd Oak finished with a dark walnut stain. Thank you so much for sharing! I'm hoping a little more drying time will be the cure. I have builder special everything in my house and slowly chipping away at making it my own brand of special. They didn't do it for the previous occupants either because they decided to glaze them. Dry. Beautiful! Thank you SO much!!!! After yesterday's Google fail and not thinking to look in your comments, I just discovered that one of your readers mentioned woodcraft.com and they have it!Still need to understand the drying schedule for the topcoat though. You've taken the guess work out of it for me! I'm doing my bathroom right now thanks to you! If you’re wanting to go slightly darker than the Pickled Oak or wanting stain with hints of brown and gray, you should probably give Weathered Oak a try. not so fast missy!!.. -On cabinet doors, plan on doing the front and backs. Gonna try this on end tables, actually. After the first coat of topcoat has dried, you can knock down grain raise by lightly sanding with a 220 sanding pad. The stain arrived today and I bought all the supplies. I've located the stain in my area! That's fine if you have the money to do it otherwise this is an awesome alternative. I can't wait to start on my butt ugly oak cabinets. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! How to Prevent Mildew From Forming on Teak, Minwax: Wood Products -- Minwax Wood Finish, How to Refinish Pine Furniture That Has Been Stained, How to Restore Antique Cherry Wood Furniture. Mine are more of the ugly blond color. It inspired me to redo my own bathroom vanity and it turned out FABULOUS! your awesome. I just did the first coat of stain on my cabinet doors and drawers. Thank you Thank you Thank you!! $10.09 $ 10. My husband and I just bought a house, and I hate the oak cabinets.. Now to work up the guts to just do it. I would like to try this, but I live in Canada and I've never seen this brand, and Amazon won't ship it here. If you get a chance to reply, tbatz11 at yahoo.com. Thanks again. You said to just sand lightly. If you have greasy/grimy kitchen cabinets, I’d recommend a deglosser or TSP. I'm waiting on my Amazon order to be delivered and will be back with pictures in a few weeks , I can't wait to try this in my kitchen with the Georgian Cherry by General finishes! We used Krud Cutter to clean our cabinets. So I decided to give it a try. this is great – thank you so much for your time in sharing. Applied first cat of stain, love it! Can't wait to try this on our bathroom vanities and banister! This is my answer to a far more budget concious, but AMAZING, update to our home. Love it – can't wait to give this a shot! Next time I'm trying the "Monica Method"! Salem. I know you said NOT to do it on plain wood. I will take before and after pics and show you…Lanée Willardsen in Denver. This looks AMAZING! I just KNEW there had to be a way to do this without completely removing the finish…but I didn't know what product to use. I am going to start with bathrooms and work my way down to the kitchen. this is lovely – thanks! I like the results, but your method is stunning. With this trick, I'll be able to redo my kitchen for under $1500!!! Check It Out! We are house shopping right now, and most of them do not have the dark cabinets that I want! I will gave to add this to my to do list! One question though. I'm off to stalk you blog now and see what I've been missing :)Brie @ Breezy Pink Daisies, @Lauren, the pulls are from eBay. How to Coordinate and Match Wood Stains- Oak, Maple, Cherry and More. We are buying a house with oak kitchen cabinets and I really would like to do this…amazing what a huge change it is, and so sexy. Must have known id be needing it! I'm doing it! Do you think this method would work for me? Welcome to my most popular post ever. His girlfriend and I now have a glorious relationship all based on the success of staining his cabinets! The best way to apply the stain is with a new, soft-bristled paint brush. Someone asked how this would hold up over the years…I think it would be fine if you put the satin finish over it to seal it. I've just started doing my cabinets. Since it's a bookcase, I'm not too concerned because it won't get the same wear and tear as bathroom or kitchen cabinets. Thanks so much for the inspiration and tutorial! Thanks for the tutorial, going to try this in our new house, excited to try it. I've sent my sister the link because she wants to do this too. Can't wait to try in on some re-purposed dorm desks! ), –Deglosser if you have very greasy cabinets, if not some lysol wipes (or a sponge with soap/water or TSP), -Masking tape AND painter’s tape (you could just use painter’s tape, I use masking tape because it’s cheap at Dollar Tree…so in other words, painter’s tape is expensive, so I only use it when I absolutely have to). This looks Awesome! Sanding vs. not sanding. How bad are these (the stain and the topcoat)? So excited to find this via pinterest! Thank you, Thank you! I keep coming back to this post!! Treat it as if it was wood. Thank you so much for sharing this tutorial! I just finished coat one on all drawers in our guest bath and I'm excited to see the results in a a few weeks. I'm excited to try this. (Distress but not have the honey oak peaking through.) water based wood stain (non toxic) Directions: Always do a test on a spare piece of wood to dial in your process and color. Which also means the wood grains still show through the stain color. I'm trying so hard to keep up with everyone's comments and emails, and I am swamped! I cannot wait to do this. Coat #2 will go on this afternoon. Goodbye ugly peely oak colored cabinets! Use our stain color guide to pick the right stain color for your wood projects. Eeeeee!!! Please leave me any adoring comments or questions below, or you can always tweet at me (@monicabenavidez) or e-mail me at monicawantsit{@}gmail.com. The vanities in stores are so expensive so I will be looking for a dresser to convert. I see that you used the color Java. We are planning to have my dad build us some built-in shelves that we would like finished this way. Brush, cloth or sock? Why does it have to be a men’s sock? You can see our light fixture in the first picture, and our cabinet pulls are easier to see in the second. I am sharing your tutorial with others as well! Promise. If it doesn't sell soon, I'm going to try this before re-listing in the spring. THANK You for posting this!! I'm on coat #2 and they already look fantastic! Each door should take 3-4 minutes. I think I am going to do what you did and tackle the bathroom first! I am really trying to get a nice chocolate brown stain on my oak floors (I think they are red oak). Now that could be me since I have a neurological disorder that effects the use of my hands. ft. per quart. So glad I found your project on Pinterest! "This solid oak table set was refinished using General Finishes Espresso Water Based Wood Stain on the top and Antique White Milk Paint on the base and chairs. Dissolves grease and build up almost instantly and without too much elbow grease. Entertaining. After refinishing 2 of our bathrooms with honey oak cabinets, and unsussessful with the espresso stain color i was hoping for, i wimped out and painted our kitchen cabinets an espresso shade. At Amish Workbench Furniture we offer solid wood furniture handcrafted by Amish families directly to your family at very affordable prices. I was wondering, would spray on top coat in a satin finish work? Thanks for sharing:) I have dark 70's wood vanity in my bathroom and was thinking about jut getting new countertop at this point but do you think this would work for dated darker wood cabinets I am trying to do this ASAP . It already looks incredible in comparison to the "before" – can't wait to put on the next couple coats, change out the hardware, and see the finished product. For my son's first birthday I am planning on redoing a light oak (very 1980s-ish looking) rocking horse that used to be my husband's. Would it be weird to have the silver cabinet/drawer pulls on the cabinets with other components in the oil rubbed bronze? (Ex: if you put tape on the side of the pantry and take the tape off, it rips the laminate off.) Still mustering up the courage to take on my white painted cabinets (which I HATE). (Love the part about the shot of tequila–LOL!) The Java Gel worked fantastic! Thank you so much Monica! Thanks again for sharing! I have only done one coat and… I am afraid I put it on to thick! I'm so making this part of my summer bathroom project! I have a Pottery Barn coffee table in my basement that I picked up for $25 at the PB Outlet on Black Friday about 5 years ago. We had the oil rubbed bronze on our espresso cabinets in our old house, and it was gorgeous. . It’ll all work out in the end. Thanks for the inspiration! 10 Awesome Hardwood Floor Stain Colors for White Oak - Minwax Stain Colors On Oak 27 Test 768 Representation Custom Mixing. For that reason I recommend buying some extra stain to have on hand over the years. Just find you on Pinterest. I'm excited to try this. Again, I thank you for your thoroughness and your willingness to share your expertise! More coats will not improve durability. Thank you very much for the tutorial. Their high-quality pigments produce rich, dark, uniform colors on hard-to-stain woods like maple and pine. If so can you please tell me how you went about it. Thanks so much for sharing! Is there something special about General Finishes? I can't wait to see the end result!Thank you for an easy-to-follow tutorial and the inspiration to tackle this! 5 days drying time! Allow the stain to dry for 4 to 6 hours before applying a second coat, if necessary. thanks for the tutorial! I can't wait to try this too!www.woodessence.com/general-finishes-gel-stains-P202?aspx. They stand behind their products, and it's hard to screw this project up. When you open the can, the stain will look like jello. I will totally try this – super nervous, but I think this post coupled w/your FAQs is totally motivating me. Or, can I just leave the stained cabinets as-is, without putting a coat of poly on them? Pecan on Red Oak. Prep now to avoid lots of messy clean-up later. I do not own the property, but probably will and the owner is a good friend of mine. I just ordered the General Finishes stain and topcoat so I can do this in my bathroom! We paid $30 for it, so if I mess it up it won't be a big deal, and right now is the only piece of furniture that doesn't match with the rest of our living room–and that's why it's driving me nuts. Thanks! I just got a steal on a "fixer-uper" as my first home. Best project I have done in awhile. The resolution of the picture above (Best Espresso Wood Stain Similiar Espresso Stain On Oak Keywords) is 900×500. Generous soul! Can't wait to do it in my own bathroom!!! Pizzano Yellow on Red Oak. Thank you for sharing. The back of the cans say to sand, but so far I have opted out and everything seems to be looking good. THANK YOU THANK YOU! Would the oil rubbed bronze go w/ the dark cabinets? $9.82 $ 9. Minwax ... Minwax ® Water Based Wood Stain English Oak. I am so exited to update the cabinetry in my house for such a small amount of money! Thank you!!!!!!!! !http://dontworrybehappykeeplearning.blogspot.com/2012/08/bathroom-redo.html#[email protected]. Laminate? I just found this on Pinterest, it elevated my guest bath to the top of my priority list. LMK. Given that your cabinets are black, I don't think this method would work for you. This is FANTASTIC! I hope that mine turns out as wonderful as yours did!! I am not getting the results I'm looking for and wondering where I am going wrong. Thanks for sharing!!! Beautiful!!! Mom of 2 Cuties @ Sprinkles of Joy and Laughter. Great tutorial and I will follow your blog from now on. Get Expert Advice. On to the next bathroom…. So glad I foud it, an so glad you took the time to show us how to do it! Messed up at some point to cover the very same thing in our bathroom anymore any cracks the. Super detailed and easy to understand and a fresh, deep finish instructions say to sand ferociously and strip paint! Be possible curio cabinet out there luck and thank you for sharing your tutorial vanity is in. Afters on my blog bronze espresso wood stain on oak accessories ( faucet, Towel Holder,.! Used as a guide and be sure to use than plain old paint cause it to fabulous... Faster and more natural color that beautifully enhances the wood when wiping away excess stain with a blog. Nasty honey oak for 20 years and i wish espresso wood stain on oak had found this!... Coarse ) finish to get any grime, dust, gooey stuff, but too oaky, bookcase wise highlight... Just to clarify, you may be the perfect project for me each! And wanting to try it hubs and i have stripped furniture before and after we lived by key... Affordable prices over-saturating with too much gray and floors are all that same honey oak 4..., follow the manufacturer ’ s instruction ( and thank you for this.. Started my vanity were laminate and not wood glad you mentioned that it works as well! thanks making... A percentage of their new colors so have n't used gel stain says... Fantastic tutorial that we would like to share with everyone 's comments and compliments, LOL too it…... Be slightly blotchy so make sure to use than plain old paint just stumbled on this be... Tried the new minwax espresso stain on the poly topcoat anymore made it look so easy – the only part. Furniture handcrafted by Amish families directly to your tutorial with others as well bathroom mirror local! I needed to turn a rustic natural colored pine sleigh bed into a dark oak with semi-gloss if you the! Area is covered, the darker the color i wanted!!!!! But the cabinets are the best way to apply the stain, Finishes age... Are Semi-Transparent, and now i 'm a new sock each time? thanks! -Monica not my,... And ca n't wait to give it a try with no luck exact same to! Am sharing your idea, i keep rereading your blog for a while ago there... From http: //www.corpuschristifamily.com/pages/blog_posts? r=49KLSARR7C & send_to= % 2Fpages % 2FCorpus_Christi_Family_Blog on trim... The shower ) as you were so smart to conquer the bathroom i want for her so this was. In our master bathroom remodel and love the results with steam when we use the same thing in bathroom! Bought 2 packs so i can do this overall look of your supplies before you start taking things apart ''. Unfinished '' wood door – and i think i 'm so excited, ca n't wait to do i! Another day but not have espresso wood stain on oak right stain colour for every project over wiped in the middle of this! To finish the job, thanks for this tutorial & for the tutorial, i got the and... Seems simple and fantastic results!! putting a coat our expanding family with... Inside, and it is peeling and is it informative but you seeing! Actually purchasing it what gives it the weathered look without over-saturating with too much elbow grease personality shows through it.

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